Great Canadians

What makes a particular individual great is fairly subjective so I suppose I could have titled this page “My Favourite Canadians”. But that didn’t work with the ‘great’ theme I’ve got going…

New people to be added regularly and in no particular order!

1. Cindy Klassen – a fellow Winnipegger, Olympic Speed Skater, and Canada’s Most Decorated Olympic Athlete (tied with Clara Hughes, having earned 6 gold medals). Cindy is a fantastic example of hard work, determination and great faith. 

2. James Cameron – the director and producer of the two highest grossing movies of all time Titanic and Avatar. Titanic won eleven Oscars breaking all kinds of records that year. Cameron has done a lot to advance film technology, from groundbreaking special effect born out of movies like the Abyss and Terminator: Judgment Day to the PACE 3-D cameras built for the filming of Avatar.

3. Nellie McClung – one of the key players in the women’s suffrage movement in Canada. Without her valiant efforts, and those of The Famous Five, there’s no telling how long women would have waited to be given the vote. I’m proud to say the first province to recognize women’s suffrage is my home province, Manitoba! Prairie people – always pioneering!