2017 A Campaign of Courage – Happy New Year

I want to write a grand and inspirational post to usher in the new year. I want to rally my fellow conservatives, libertarians and free thinkers into a state of positivity induced bliss. I want to bolster us all after the bloodletting of 2016. Without question 2016 has been a rough, rough year. Here in Canada we’ve witnessed Trudeau and his lackeys decimate the legacy of strength and patriotism left by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper. Around the globe we’ve witnessed the escalation of violence and unrest. If the ever was an Age of Un-Reason this is it!!

To borrow a quote from the great Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”


An Inspirational View – Bring on The Future

Cloak yourselves with this quote as we stare down the grand New Year. 2017 has the capacity to leave bruises even greater than 2016; the sources of our pain remain at large in the world no matter what the calendar indicates. Find the courage to continue, pursue truth, justice and your dreams. Pursue success that surpass even your wildest imagination. No matter what 2017 brings, get your dukes up and fight for what matters to you! At the very height of the Second World War Winston Churchill refused to give in. He refused to allow Hitler’s campaign of maniacal evil to prevail! Never, ever accept ANYTHING as the inevitable. Keep getting back up!

I AM one of those creatures that sees the new year as a great opportunity to turn the page; a fresh blank slate. I even honour the age old practice of New Years Resolutions; with the foolishly noble intention of seeing each pledge through! I won’t bother you with my list – but I will highlight one item for you…

I will continue to raise my voice for the cause; for freedom and solid Canadian common sense. OhCanadiana will stay in the fight! The liberals, SJWs and snowflakes will continue their campaign of idiotic lunacy into 2017. That is a virtual certainty. The globalists will continue to try and wipe out our patriotism. Justin Trudeau will continue to make a mockery of everything we love and hold dear.

But my friends, loyal readers and fellow fighters – we all know they lack the courage and discipline that comes naturally to us. They lack the effortless simplicity of the truth. A world built on willful ignorance and selfish greed cannot survive against our warriors of wisdom.

I’ve already dubbed ‘Stay Feisty’ as my official motto of 2017. To me this is a playful, yet potent, reminder NEVER to let my guard down. To stare down each and every day prepared to jump in the ring for the cause! We can do this people – we can make 2017 the very height of success!

Stay Feisty!!!


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