Merry Christmas to One and All

Please do not wish me ‘Happy Holidays’!

Don’t misunderstand – I love this season – but please do not wish me Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas! Christmas is the reason 100s of millions (or more) people are jetting around the globe, gathering with their families, eating gluttonous amounts of food, and buying heaps of gifts. If it weren’t for Christmas this would be just another weekend! So please don’t water down this sacred weekend by wishing me Happy Holidays. (This is point where I acknowledge that Christmas also shares its special status with its older brother Hanukkah.)

img_0151As a Jesus loving Christian this is a tricky post for me. I never want to whittle down my faith, something so deeply sacred to me, to just another post pleading for the world to peel off their politically correct spectacles and embrace pure reality! I don’t want to be another tinsel tongued tirade whining about what major corporations call their coffee cups, or how sales associates greet me when I’m buying t-shirts. But in the spirit of complete, and I mean complete, transparency stuff like that bugs the heck out of me. It is Christmastime!!!

Please, by all means, if you don’t want to acknowledge Christmas, show up to work on Monday, pass on all the parties, and refuse the gifts. But if you’re even slightly down with the change of pace, the glitter, the cheeky mall pics of you and Santa Claus, the extra face time with friends and family – thank Jesus.

Some two thousand years ago a tiny baby boy was born in a stable in Bethlehem. He IS the reason for the season. Christmas, in its purest form, is His birthday celebration. All the bright twinkling lights, warm wishes and joy celebrate the day this baby was born. God’s Son come to Earth to deliver His message of Love. God’s Son come to Earth to offer humanity the gift of hope and life transcending the bonds this finite Earth. His life offers the template for wisdom, grace, and pure selfless love.

Whether you believe in this story as the genuine gospel, or just a myth up there with unicorns and Artemis, how does acknowledging the true reason for the season spread anything but love and celebration!? Frankly, it doesn’t!

In the genuine spirit of the season I wish you all the very best, I wish you peace of heart, I wish you hope and joy, I wish you Christmas. If you peel away all the noise, the commercialism, the temporary gratification, you have a time to dwell in a message of super-natural love.

Please don’t wish me Happy Holidays – this is so much more than just another holiday!
Merry Christmas!!!