Christmas Comes Early – Justin’s Greatest Hits

Justin Trudeau, YOU have failed this country! For the past 13 months true patriotic Canadians have watched you fumble your way around the Prime Minister’s Office. You have denigrated the prestige and reverence of the highest office in this land. You have furthered your own globalist agenda with the UN on the backs of hardworking Canadians.

But Thursday December 15th, Canadians got an early Christmas present. It looks like you will actually be held to account for your elitist, silver spoon hijinks.


Here comes our hero!

Before we talk about that, my friends, lets take a moment to review 2016 with Justin!
A year of broken promises, subversive behaviour, and embarrassing, ignorant immaturity…

Number One – Justin, you inherited a surplus. You walked into the PMO with Canada’s carefully managed books firmly in the black. In an effort to be the big man on campus, now that you’re sitting in the big chair, you threw that away. While you did campaign on a platform of modest deficits; Canadians are looking at a national debt that will be a noose on Canadian prosperity for generations! For what?
Carbon Tax – an ATM for Trudeau

Number Two – Justin, you claim to be a feminist. You claim to support equality. You are so full of vile steaming excrement, you don’t know the meaning of equality! As you give away billions of our taxdollars to countries like Indonesia that foster ideologies that subjugate women. That is NOT the action of a man that values women.

Number Three – Alberta burns and you show up for selfies! Try as I might I’ve yet to find a single picture of you providing comfort to the thousands of terrified Fort MacMurray kids that lost EVERYTHING they had! Canada’s Mr. Precious flew into the remaining rubble of Canada’s decimated prosperity engine and took the VIP tour; carefully crafted, abounding in self-righteous selfies, devoid of soul and purpose. You took far more than you gave.
True Northern Strength

Number Four – What can we really say about ‘Queen’ Sophie. Justin, as Canadian women are fighting hard to get the very most out of every second of the day your darling wife dares to ask the taxpayer to pony up for yet another perk in the form of additional assistant; while she already benefits from domestic staff, vacations, etc. What do we hear from you? Crickets. You’re so out of touch you don’t even realize you should be apologizing for your wife’s oblivious, thoughtless gaffe.
Sophie Trudeau: Let Them Drink Tap Water

Number Five – I think, after elbow-gate, the mothers of Canada were ready to give you a time out! Justin, the House of Commons is a sacred space. It is the hallowed church of democracy. Yet as you allowed your brutish temper to get the best of you, a clear public example of gross immaturity, you turned our house into a common road house. Smashing and swearing your way down the green carpet you committed blatant assault and insult!
The Prime Bouncer – Rage in Our House

Number Six – In an effort to impress your buddies at the UN you’ve imported 10s of thousands of un-vetted migrants to our country. Without even delving into the folly of this action; barely a year later we learn that these people are being abandoned by the federal government; your government! Countless people, your responsibility, left behind because you already got the credit you were seeking! The requisite selfies have already been circulated amongst your globalist cronies. You abandoned this project as you abandoned so many university degrees before!
An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau
Liberal Language Issues: The Erosion of Citizenship

Number Seven – your gargantuan narcissist insatiable ego gets in the way of common sense. Justin you campaigned on a platform that promised unprecedented transparency. Are Canada’s First Nations people not equally deserving of the benefits of transparency and accountability? Should they not be permitted to avail themselves of the same protections as every other Canadian? I guess you don’t think so since you’ve removed all accountability from First Nations governments, thus shrouding support in a veil of corruption. This only hurts the most vulnerable.

Number Eight – disrespecting every single naturalized Canadian Citizen who has carefully laid their past bare to join our ranks. As Maryam Monsef, a woman who lied on her application for citizenship, continues maintain her status. Unchallenged, she continues to sit in the hallowed House of Commons and toys with our very democracy. There are no words for how history will judge you for this. Frankly, I dare not repeat the words that have already been used. I am a civilized Canadian after all…
For True Democracy – Reform Requires Referendum

Number Nine – the ultimate display of the man behind the mask. The ultimate embarrassment of this great nation world wide! I still cringe recalling your name flashing across the news ticker as global leaders reacted in horror to your statement. Seeing my precious Canada become the butt of the joke across the world. Your statement, lauding a cruel and homicidal dictator, is a telling indicator of the person you truly hope to be. Fidel Castro is no hero (what ‘leader’ makes use of firing squads as a genuine means to an end). You mistakenly used the office of the Canadian Prime Minister, an office that is to represent the highest echelons of civility, humanity, and prosperity, to praise a man that is the very opposite of every Canadian value. Your words brought shame and disgrace upon our nation. We Canadians remain profoundly disgusted as we see your true values.

Finally Number Ten – Justin, pay for play! One can only assume you thought you’d be able to bury your hobnobbing with Chinese billionaires. As odd parallels seem to emerge between benefits to the Trudeau Foundation and benefits to your guests. Apparently, you feel you’re entitled to use the PMO for distinctly personal gain. You forget, your time on our dime belongs to us! Taxpayers! You thought you’d be able to continue your deplorable teflon dance of disregard for the morals and ethics of this great nation. Well you thought wrong!

Happily, Justin, it does seem like Canadian Christmas has come early this year. For once it looks like the best interests of Canada and her citizens will come first! Thursday morning we learned the Canadian Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, will be launching a formal inquisition into your cash-for-access soirées!!

I know, my brothers and sisters, this is a small win for our country; our cause. But for once we seem to have a glimmer of evidence that there is still a small shard of the real Canada left in Ottawa; that enough is enough. Our noble nation, and her honourable spirit, continues to smoulder in the Trudeau ash. I certainly implore Ms. Dawson to be stringent, and exacting in her examination. Please, Ms. Dawson, consider the great value of your work in ensuring that our leaders remember they MUST remain absolutely accountable to us. There are no shortcuts to integrity in the TRUE north! Ms. Dawson may very well have the power to curb Canada’s descent into vacuous impotence under Justin Trudeau. It’s a small step my friends with no guarantees. However, as we approach this Christmas season it truly is the small mercies that count!! Transparency anyone…?!