Month: November 2016

Pride & the Poppy – Lest We Forget

Imagine leaving behind absolutely everything you’ve ever known. Leaving behind warm hugs from your mother and wisdom from your father. Leaving behind the comfort and safety of a warm home. Leaving behind regular meals. Leaving behind friends. Everything…

Imagine stepping into the abyss of war. Imagine being cold, filthy, exhausted, starving, wounded and in constant fear for your safety; for your very life.

This defines the sacrifice made by countless young men and women for our freedom and safety; for our way of life. When they packed their bags and headed off to war they weren’t travelling in the direction of some brighter horizon – but straight into the depths of humanity’s worst horrors.


Our Bright Horizon of Freedom

On Remembrance Day THIS is the sacrifice, the selflessness, we pause to consider. We pause in gratitude, for just a tiny fraction of our lives, to let the reality of that sacrifice settle in the depths of our hearts.

Most Canadians, North Americans, have heard this before. But I encourage you, don’t just read my words. Please let this reality sink deep into your consciousness today.

As you enjoy the MASSIVE ABUNDANCE of freedoms in your day to day life, reflect on the cost of those freedoms. Our soldiers left behind everything to give us a future! For the older men and women we will see gathered at Cenotaphs across this great nation – they left their homes before the days of colour TVs and smart phones. Today as we travel to a new place – we’ve had the luxury of viewing copious pictures and videos of our destination; acclimatizing our expectations. The soldiers who marched into the greatest conflicts of our modern age had no such luxury.

img_0138To anyone reluctant to wear The Poppy today with utter pride and reverence – ask yourself how different your life would be had our soldiers felt the same way before heading to war.

I’m afraid in the day and age of politically correct behaviour, triggering and the like, we’ve become complacent; willing to bend to a generation that has known no true sacrifice. To the young people of the world; the next time you want to holler about your rights or your feelings consider the price that’s already been paid for your comfort. There’s a lot of talk in the world today of privilege. Once and for all, North Americans who have never faced the battlefield are ALL the recipients of gluttonous privilege. I dare anyone to try and argue this point.

To the men and women who chose to serve and face the abyss for our freedom, our safety, I offer my sincerest thanks and respect. My words barely scratch the surface of the dept owed to you. Your sacrifices are the very foundation of our freedom! GOD BLESS YOU!!