Carbon Tax – an ATM for Trudeau

The elites want us to pay even more! Leftist politicians, Hollywood Celebrities and faux eco-warriors want regular hardworking citizens to pay even more in tax dollars!

As prices continue to rise, unemployment numbers escalate, and return on investment drops, somehow we are supposed to find even more money to pay for their latest glamour issue; carbon tax for climate change!

Carbon Tax is nothing more than another income stream for hapless and irresponsible politicians.

The absurdity enrages me.img_3725

As the Trudeau Liberals continue to give away tens of billions of dollars of our tax money to foreign interests they have the gall to come back and demand we give them even more. A government famous for its expensive retreats hasn’t even taken the appropriate steps to sit down with democratically elected premiers to discuss palatable options in the matter. Nope, this is a flat out nationwide pick-pocketing.

If I had the vaguest sense that these spend-thrift Liberals had even a glimmer of a plan for our money; a framework of measurable goals as they use our hard earned dollars I might feel differently! Sadly, it would seem they are only coming to the trough yet again. (The words ‘the budget will balance itself’ continue their eerie refrain in the back of my mind). I’ve reached out to our Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna on a few occasions via twitter (I understand this is the preferred method of communication for these folks). I asked her if she could point me in the direction of the plan for Carbon Tax revenues. You guessed it; crickets, zilch!

No, my friends, a Carbon Tax is no way to ensure the verdant thriving landscape of our home.


Just One of the Beautiful Vistas of our Home

The only solution rests in incentives for businesses with a demonstrable environmental impact! Random taxation is a lazy and ignorant way to truly effect lasting, genuine change. It’s whipping an already beaten citizenry. Take a moment to consider a system which would provide significant incentives for both small and large business owners to make the best choices for our planet. A plan that would foster natural stewardship. Just think about that for a moment. Empowering industries and individuals by improving their bottom line; not penalizing it! Taking this a step further, they could pass along this savings to you, the consumer.

Of course, leftist governments like the Trudeau Government, have no interest in empowering Canadians. Their goal is to line their own pockets and appear to be saviours on the world stage. Justin wants to be able to brag to DiCaprio and his cronies about HIS great plans and initiatives.

Even the name of this tax smacks of gross ignorance. Carbon is not an enemy! Carbon is a naturally occurring element that is essential for maintaining the balance of life on planet Earth. Do you know what you exhale every time you breathe out? Yup, that’s carbon, carbon dioxide to be specific. Then our beautiful hungry trees and plants absorb this element and convert in into oxygen! True, I’m not a scientist, so this is a simplification! However, genuine scientific facts ALWAYS present a simple foundation! Interestingly enough, there is no such explanation regarding the leftist holy grail called Climate Change. Only packs of fear mongering SJWs waving around reams of nonsensical data. Throughout my academic career I was taught various scientific principles; from the nature of gravity, to the elements required to create a Chinook *wink*.

In reading the various theories that attempt to support climate change I’ve yet to read two that reach a common agreement. What we have here are theories. We have people who have made careers out of scaring common citizens with visions of the end of the world. The fear mongering needs to stop!! Climate change is the new Flat Earth Theory, or Salem Witch Trials; groundless chatter to give those at the top control over our lives without any reasonable accountability.

To be abundantly clear, I love our planet. I am more than happy to make educated sacrifices to ensure that our home remains a nurturing cradle of life for many generations to come! I do refuse to be an ATM for an irresponsible and ignorant government. Until the Trudeau Government, and any other provincial or municipal elected government, is able to provide a clear, measurable map for the use of our money, this is just another fund for Justin’s fancy fossil-fuelled trips around the world! At your expense…

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