Americana – the Motivation for Leadership

In May of 1999 I had the opportunity to hear Hillary Clinton speak at a luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Taking my seat I recall thinking how very much I wished ‘these Clintons’ would just go away. The stench of President Clinton’s oval office activities still filled the air. I remember the chagrin as I took my seat – wishing it would be Margaret Thatcher or even Nancy Regan who would take the stage. Alas, Mrs. Clinton took the podium and spoke for about 25 minutes. At this time, prior to her first Senate bid, she spoke to us as a concerned mother wishing to end the gun violence on the streets of America. She made a case so universally appealing that I walked out and found myself to be a newly minted fan of Hillary Clinton. During her speech she had the audience captivated, not a tea-cup stirred as she painted a clear vision of an America that would keep every child safe. It seemed like a glorious epilogue to her ‘it takes a village’ orations! I found myself converted.

That was then…

Now, this Canadian supports Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.img_0136

While, as a Canadian, I cannot vote for Mr. Trump, I can certainly make a case for his presidency. The late-show comedians, Hollywood Elite and MSM have launched an anti-Trump campaign with all the intelligence of a high-school jock; entertaining, beautiful and ultimately lacking all substance. It seems the worst they can come up with is calling Mr. Trump an Orange Disaster and simply a bad choice. Really? Is this the kind of rhetoric that should even be factored in when choosing the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD?! They can’t do any better that talking about crayon colours and making lewd references?

I can make a case for a man who has left the extreme comfort of his glorious life to become vulnerable to the American people. As Trump’s son Don Jr. pointed out, he doesn’t need this job! At 70 years old Trump has amassed a fortune that would guarantee he’d want for nothing for the remainder of his days on Earth. But what does he choose to do? He puts it all on the line to try and change the tide in America, to restore the vitality and prosperity to a country that has been tarnished by elite corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton.

What has Hillary accomplished since her speech back in 1999? What accolades can we put in her corner? In short – none! Sure, she’s won her Senate seat, then later became Secretary of State – but typically in the real world we don’t JUST consider the job title. Those of us who need to select the best person for a job ask – once they’ve arrived, what did they do? Hillary certainly has carefully guided the Clinton Foundation to a place of immense power. A Foundation that seems to solely benefit those in the Democratic inner circle – please can somebody name just one successful initiative that’s come from this organization? Just one? (Chelsea Clinton’s lavish wedding doesn’t count). As Secretary of State, Hillary left Americans to die in Benghazi. And the FBI has called her extremely careless in consideration of the extreme cluelessness she’s shown in trust of American secrets. By now who really knows who has seen the sensitive materials that were meant for her eyes only. The mere fact there was an investigation shows she didn’t follow the rules! Does America really need a leader who callously picks and chooses ethics as they suit her own best interests. Please – somebody tell me – what has Hillary accomplished since that luncheon in 1999?

On the other hand you have Donald Trump. A man who admits to taking a loan from his father and creating an empire. Through his shrewd understanding of the laws of business and unique deal-making skills he has created a global brand known for luxury and excellence. Mr. Trump wants to use these same skills to ‘Make America Great Again’.

What possible motivation could Donald Trump have for seeking the presidency – if not to serve the American people? He has already amassed a fortune that would allow him the to live the next 30 years in total comfort. By putting his name forward he has allowed the world to scrutinize not only his life but the lives of his loved ones. You’d have to be in a coma not to have seen the high beams shone in the direction of Mr. Trump’s wife Melania. Again, what motivation does he have for allowing this kind of intrusion into the lives of those he cares for most in this world? What motivation does he have for putting his own legacy, his name and brand, in jeopardy by pursuing public life?

His success has allowed him a birds-eye view into the inner workings of the world, into the growing global alliance of the elites as they attempt to create an impermeable safety net for themselves. Sure, he could join them and even further secure his position.

Instead he has chosen to fight for America! To fight for a land that used to stand for freedom and opportunity, the rule of law and safety. I’m at a loss to see how his presidential bid benefits him!
For about a year and a half now we’ve seen a man on the campaign trail who seems only to grow more energetic and vibrant as the race has escalated. Can we say the same about Hillary? Does she exhibit half the mettle of the lion, Donald?

Donald Trump is not without his scandals. He has definitely said some pretty disgusting things! But in this race you have a choice between disgusting WORDS or disgusting deeds. Finally you have to set aside the chatter and look at the actions. A man who has set aside his life of luxury and privilege or a woman whose track record shows a desire to serve herself and her elitist buddies. I could literally take Hillary’s career apart point by point – but then you, my American readers, wouldn’t have the time to get to the polls to vote for Donald Trump!

Please consider my words. Please consider the motivations of the candidates as you prepare to cast your vote. Ask yourself – if you were in a lifeboat with these two individuals whom would you trust to help get you to safety?! I know in your heart you know the answer. I know you know who TRULY wants to serve the American people.

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