Americana – Hollywood Hypocrisy & Your Vote

As an awkward and isolated teenager I found great solace in the dark escape of the local cinema. At 15 I certainly couldn’t spring for a week away, or even go for a long drive in the country, but when life got to be a bit much I’d head to the movies. For around 2 hours movie magic would provide me a much needed change of scenery; with a side order of empowerment. To this day I still crave that transportive moment when the house lights dim and the studio theme music begins to play. I was enchanted enough to study film in University and later achieved my Directors Guild of Canada certification.

Along with this enchantment came the assumed appreciation for the directors, producers, and actors who banded together to create these tinsel twinged tales! I wanted to believe in the ultimate benevolence of the people who created this magic.

img_0135Alas, that appreciation has been turned to disgust as I have witnessed the vain hypocrisy emanating from the Hollywood elite lately. As celebrities here in my home, Canada, and in the US, line up in droves to support liberal politics and causes I’m left asking why? Why?! And why should you be very quick to dismiss their allegiances before making up your own mind.

Hollywood actually profits off the misery of day to day citizens.

They sell escapism. This isn’t a new formula – you just have to look to the play ‘Death of a Salesman’ by Arthur Miller to see that Hollywood has known for sometime that the sad, miserable folks are typically their best customers! In the story about a struggling family, they cannot afford the finer things in life, but a trip to the local cinema is doable!

Oppressive leftist, liberal politics is the perfect breeding ground for a ripe customer base. That’s the business side of this equation…

I grew up under the adage ‘children should been seen and not heard.’ I believe this same policy should be applied to celebrities, actors, singers and the rest of their ilk. As a Right Winger the thing that made Hollywood palatable to me was the unspoken agreement; you guys just enjoy your lavish lifestyles and playing for a living but keep your opinions to yourselves. Sure, in the days before social media the Glitterati would assemble at some mansion to support a noble yet ultimately mindless cause. In their own bubble they would pat each other on the back and congratulate each other for their selflessness. Eventually a few snapshots of the party would appear in the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair or US Weekly. Occasionally, one of the celebrities would be interviewed on a ‘Barbara Walters Special’. We average working folks could ogle their fancy clothes and the gorgeous venue and move on. It was a great workable arrangement!

Flash forward to the age of social media and reality tv and that agreement has been broken. Suddenly personal and private lives of media, celebrities, and politicians are a muddled mess. And as a result of this mess it’s become more difficult to differentiate between the schooled opinions of some of the planet’s brightest minds and the knee jerk reactions of those with the biggest bling.

The landscape that has emerged is a leftist online orgy the likes of Caligula; facts, opinions, threats, jabs and feelings all akimbo. The heartbreaking part of this equation, on this track everybody loses. The idiotic left will have us all killed and bankrupt.

But this is North America – isn’t everybody entitled to an opinion? Isn’t that part of the package? Yes, but…

I’m suggesting that we noble citizens take a good long hard look at the people we’re taking advice from. Would you ever visit a dentist’s office to get advice on fixing the transmission on your Honda? Would you ever ask an engineer how to deal with a skin rash? Of course not. A rational person seeks out the person best informed to help them. So it follows; why are so many North Americans taking political advice from celebrities? We’ve all seen how well they live out their public values. As George Clooney condemns the US for not taking in more refugees by all reports his 8 properties around the globe remain vacant. As Leonardo DiCaprio waxes eloquent about climate issues he uses a lifetime’s worth of fossil fuels with his yacht and private jet. As many of the Hollywood bunch clamour to end gun violence they continue to make billions of dollars off of movies that glamourize violent lifestyles.

These are just a few easy examples of the pseudo integrity of these LaLa-landers. Do we really need more reason not to take their words at face value?

Being politically active is a lot more than reading a pamphlet or two, wearing a button, and using a catchy hash-tag. Democracy is a precious gift. Democracy demands careful study in order to protect it for future generations. It wasn’t so long ago that the Earth was governed by a series of royal dictatorships. All it takes is one foolish decision by an ignorant electorate to forfeit our gift. Your vote is YOUR voice, make absolutely sure you understand the message you are sending!

Let the celebrities have their opinions. But I’m begging you don’t let them steal yours. Be cautious of the noise coming from your TV set and your Twitter Feed. Do your own homework. Own the system that belongs to the people! And make your own magic…

Come back Monday (November 7) for my pre-election Candidate assessment!

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