Finding Joy on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving my Fellow Canadians

Over the past months I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling in a critical and cynical state of mind. The fact is, for those of us who believe in common sense, decency and rational thinking these are dark days. I’m not going to post a Hallmark card here; trying to paint some faux rosy picture of a world that doesn’t exist. I feel like a plastic poser just thinking about that!

But what I will say is we still do have a lot to be grateful for – undoubtably!

I’ve used the slogan, ‘Today we have freedom, and tomorrow is looking good.’ This IS true! We may all live on that hamster wheel of responsibility; the endless cycle of job, commitments, errands, housework et all. It’s exhausting, grating and usually uninspiring. But throughout we as Canadians enjoy freedoms others around the world would die for.

Each day we have the freedom to dream. To actually stretch our imaginations across the horizon and pick a target. Especially as a woman in Canada I know I hold a treasured position. There are no barriers to my dreams. Unlike billions of my sisters around the world who face daily restrictions on the way they dress, who they marry and how they sustain an income; my ingenuity and sweat equity are my only limits. Ok ok, I know I’m drifting into Hallmark territory here. I won’t mention that the current political climate and the proliferation of air-headed SJWs have made achieving prosperity and success markedly more difficult that it was even a year ago (I promise, I won’t mention it).

There is no question that our world has changed for the worse in the past year. But there’s also no question that the stuff that really matters remains unchanged. Those moments of such sheer bliss that it really does feel like time has slowed just a titch. img_3868Perfect warm sunshine on your face, warming your back, easing those muscles on a chilly fall day. The breathtaking sight of trees ablaze with the change of seasons, red and orange so full of life they seem alien. Wrapping up in your favourite blanket, fresh from a shower at the end of a long busy day. Or the very best, the tight sweet hug of a dearest loved one; their heartbeat on yours, the familiar smell, the strength and solidarity. Unquantifiable bliss! What’s even more astounding, you can find an infinite number of these silent joys in life. This isn’t about being rich, or powerful, it’s just about gratitude for the wonders of the world we get to enjoy each and every day.

Oops, I broke my promise, looks like we passed Hallmark about a paragraph back. I’m not sorry! I’m not sorry if I get to leave you with a sense of hopeful joy and happiness today.

img_3820The hard edge of cynicism will be back soon enough, as there is much work to be done. Today though, my fellow Canadians, as we take this weekend to ponder the bounty of the harvest, rest in blissful gratitude. We are the True North, strong and free…


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  1. Your writing is not “Hallnark”. Instead it is a reminder of the many ways God blesses us in both major and minor ways. I had to smile at the examples you provided. Many thanks.


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