America – Desperate for Hope & Change

I won’t try and gloss over it; I was extremely disappointed when Barack Obama was elected President back in 2008. In the spirit of transparency the likelihood of a Democratic candidate earning my favour is basically nil. As a lifelong Conservative, Republican values typically mesh better with my own. And in the case of the 2008 US election I saw, in John McCain, a man who understood the needs and values of Americans. A man with a diverse set of experiences and achievements who would bring that wisdom to the White House. I also saw a man who would have likely worked well with then Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


A legacy of broken promises and broken people.

That said, one thought crossed my mind on that night of supposed ‘hope & change’ in November of 2008; finally under a black President my neighbours to the south may be able to fully heal the wounds that exist in their great nation. Finally all Americans would see that race is not an issue! Martin Luther King’s dream was forming into reality, right?

No… Dead wrong!
I have waited for 8 long years for that pivotal speech. That speech from Barack Obama that would have finally put a suture in the divide. Instead, to my horror, and that of the entire world really, we’ve witnessed the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve seen annual mass casualty shootings go from double digit numbers to triple digit numbers. We’ve seen overpaid NFL stars and Hollywood celebrities talk about oppression and disdain for the very nation that stands for freedom. We’ve seen Barack Obama fail at the only task where he was a shoo in to succeed.

Coming from a moderate and broken family Barack Obama had every right to tell the American people the battle for equality was finally over. He had every right to point to himself and say ‘if I can achieve the office of President of the United States limitations in the US are colour blind!’ Obama has done less than nothing to heal the great wound of America. I’d dare say Abraham Lincoln would weep if he had been a witness to the last eight years.

So why am I, a Canadian socio-political pundit, wading into this discussion?

Because everyday I’m seeing history repeating itself.

I’m seeing young, sheltered Americans bestow the presidency upon Hillary Clinton; not on the basis of her track record or her achievements but on the basis of her anatomy. If I had a US dollar bill for every time I’ve heard some poor soul say Clinton is their choice ‘because it’s time for a woman’ I’d be sunning myself on a beach in Hawaii right now! Instead I’m here at my desk fighting for common sense. Mark my words folks; Hillary will accomplish as much for women as Barack has for Blacks.

I’m writing this to plead with those I have nicknamed Vagina Voters to please put the high-gloss card of anatomy aside. Ask yourself, if you were dying from some heinous disease would you ask if your cure was prepared by a woman, or simply by the most accomplished scientist available?! True equality, hope and change, has nothing to do with either pigment or posteriors. It’s about meritocracy and ingenuity.img_3859
Let me be clear – Hillary Clinton is not the second coming of Joan of Arc, Sally Ride or even Sally Field. She’s more of the same old Washington elite.

Over the next 4+ weeks as we approach US Election Day I will be focussing on our dear friends to the south, call it Oh Canadiana Goes Americana Month. Whether we like it or not what happens on November 8th, 2016 will have an irrevocable impact on our lives north of the 49th.



  1. Oh Obama brought change to America, but he failed to forewarn the people of that change. Obama had plans to Islamify America from the get go. The revisionist Obama educates us saying “Islam has always been part of America.” (February 3, 2016) He went on to praise Islam for being a “religion of peace.” Really? Perhaps this wasn’t the kind of change most Americans were hoping for, but then all he needs to do is throw a Liberal buzzword at the public like some sort of magic word: diversity. Sound familiar? All this cheer leading for Islam is a curious thing to do given Obama pronounced himself a Christian in his morning speech to the UN on September 25, 2012. Obama is a liar & a very good one I might add. You’d almost think looking back Obama was trying to harm the United States from within. Many are blaming Obama supporter Soros for the Ferguson violence. Soros and the Democratic Party are being blamed for the anti-Trump violence in Chicago and San Jose. But when you’re a Democrat you blame everything on Trump. The violence was his fault after all. Then your idiot supporters associate the violence with Trump. So Trump is bad. Don’t want to vote for bad. Instead these mindless idiots will vote for good; Hillary Clinton naturally. Now if 10% of what is being said about Hillary is true she is about as far from good as Moloch, you know the one in her email that her recipient was going to sacrifice a chicken for in his Honduran backyard. Hmmm. Are these people weird or just pagans? Makes you wonder. We could ask why Obama & Hillary’s immigration plan is so selective happily paying anything to take in Muslims while leaving Christians in danger to die? But you wouldn’t like where that leads. But according to a Globe & Mail article poor Hillary is having it rough because she’s a woman. Damned if you do & damned if you don’t sort of thing. Yeah. Sighs.
    In the final conclusion, Obama & Hillary are not what they appear to the uninitiated. They are being run by others more powerful hiding in the shadows. Whether that be Huma Abedin & the Muslim World League (, the UN, an organization that has radically deviated from their original mission statement of fostering peace or the rogue currency trader & globalist Soros, one thing is clear. Obama & Hillary do not care about America or the little people. They are out for themselves and a hidden agenda that is not your concern. Like the Wiki Leaks email said we want to keep an “unaware & compliant” public. Why do you suppose that is?


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