Month: September 2016

Demanding Democracy! Act NOW!

There is a silent but insidious war being waged on Canadians right now. A threat far greater than terrorism and coffer-draining migrants.

By now most of you have read my letter to my MP, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, regarding electoral reform and referendum. But I’m afraid I’ve failed my readers/followers in not clearly stating why such a letter is REQUIRED by each and every voter! I’m sorry for that!

One of the greatest privileges enjoyed by Canadian citizens is the ability to freely cast a vote for our leaders in an independent elections. It’s hallowed democracy. It’s the very backbone of what makes us free and, ultimately, in control of our national destiny!


The Flag of Freedom & Democracy

Justin Trudeau is threatening our system.

In the end the electoral system itself is actually the side dish in this argument. Whether Canadians choose First Past the Post, or Proportional Representation is actually beside the point.

The point is, simply, that in democracy (not dictatorship) it is our inalienable RIGHT to choose which system we collectively believe will allow our votes to matter!
Dictator Trudeau wants to take that choice away. It’s true we elect our leaders to make decisions about budget, defence, immigration, foreign trade etc. Some voters may have even gone to the polls last year eager to push the agenda of electoral reform! It certainly is the prerogative of our leaders to consider it may be time for refurbishment of our hallowed democracy! Surely they are empowered to trigger reforms. However, that is where their power MUST end to ensure that WE THE PEOPLE, THEIR BOSSES, remain in full control of the system that belongs to us!

My parents instilled in me the belief that unless you are willing to DO SOMETHING about a particular issue you have no business whining about it. Be the change you seek! In that vein I was sure to attend the consultation held by my MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones on Tuesday, August 30th, at the West Vancouver Memorial Library. To put it bluntly, on a beautiful Tuesday evening it was the very last place I wanted to be. But show up or shut up! And I’m glad I took the opportunity to attend. While the MP appeared to take copious notes from attendees expressing their thoughts on this matter, and while she extolled the virtues of the system set up by Trudeau and Minister of ‘Democratic’ Reform Maryam Monsef she never once acknowledged the people’s RIGHT to have DIRECT control on this core democratic decision.

In fact the entire consultation process is such a sham that in the end fewer than one percent of Canadians will have had any input in the matter. To make things worse, in the end the reports submitted and the House of Commons Committee chaired by Monsef is little more than window dressing. In the end one whipped vote is all it takes for democracy to fade from our history. This is our system to install the Members of Parliament; not theirs to tinker with whenever it suits!

Just imagine waking up in a Canada where your vote is little more than a façade on a pseudo-democracy. This is Canada without a referendum before any changes are made to our democracy. This is a Canada where any sitting leader assumes the power to change the system in their favour without ANY accountability to the electorate. This is dictatorship.

I’m encouraging everyone to remain vocal in this matter. I promise you all I’m not done! I will continue to do my best to educate those I have influence over; please do the same. If you value our True North Strong and FREE please spread this message. Please follow these steps:

1. Reach our to your MPs office, politely DEMAND a referendum; phone, then e-mail, follow-up until you receive a written response explaining why they think this system is theirs to change. (By all means use any wording you wish from my posted letter if you wish). Chances are you will get the run-around. Stay strong – keep following up, it ain’t over till it’s over. Remember in the end these people work for you!
2. Contact Elections Canada with your concerns – their contact details are also available on the post containing my letter.
3. Copy your local media with your letters.
4. As I’ve mentioned already please continue to educate as many of your friends and family – get them to join this movement!
5. Act soon!! I cannot stress this enough. Electoral Reform will very likely be addressed sooner than later in Parliament. We only have a couple of weeks…


Not an extension of our government – but the system that allows the people to make their choice! Inherently ours…

Some people have expressed a need for a Citizens Assembly as an alternative to referendum. While this would certainly be better than a whipped vote in the HOC – in the end it doesn’t allow every single Canadian to have their say through a fair and equitable procedure like a referendum. The Government that threatened their citizens with punishment if we didn’t ALL COMPLETE their census owes us the very same consideration regarding ER. That procedure sure came easily to them.

I’ll say it again – I won’t give up! Please take a stand with me – do the right thing for freedom and pure democracy tomorrow. Canada is worth it, we are worth it! Don’t let them win this war without a hard fight to then end!

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