Month: September 2016

Following Up for #DEMOCRACY!

On August 17, 2016 I reached out to my MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones regarding the matter of Electoral Reform in Canada. For True Democracy – Reform Requires Referendum – follow this link to see my letter For True Democracy – Reform Requires Referendum! 24 days later I finally received the following response:

Dear Stephanie,
Thank you for your thoughts on electoral reform, and for working toward ensuring Canadians participate in this important discussion. We have held two well attended town hall meetings in West Vancouver and in Sechelt, and the outcome will be posted on my website shortly. There was consensus about reforming our electoral system. A few people advocated for a referendum, but most did not. I am happy to send you my opening remarks to the group if you would like. The questions we focused on were about inclusion, access, simplicity of the system, reducing the voting age, online voting, mandatory voting, proportionality. I welcome your input on this and anything else you wish to comment on.

While I do appreciate SOME reply – the response is canned and smells vaguely like a form letter! Since I’m committed to our cause I’ve since responded with the following:

Hello Pam:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my letter; I understand from friends and family members that many MPs have not yet taken the time to respond to their concerns regarding Electoral Reform in Canada.

That said I’m afraid your response didn’t address any of the concerns brought forward in my e-mail message to your office (I’ve copied this message below for your convenience). I did take the time to attend the Democracy Talks Forum on August 30 at the WV library. While highly informative about the various voting structures available in a democracy the discussion didn’t really touch on the Canadian Government’s responsibility and accountability to their constituents.

What I find most intriguing about your response to me is that you found that the preponderance of attendees in the meeting DO NOT support referendum on this issue, while I found there was clear support for direct input from citizens on the matter. The fact is the inner workings of how representatives are selected cannot rest in the hands of those representatives themselves. That is essentially laying the foundation for a group of people who truly hold no accountability to those they govern. I’m curious, as noted below, as to how this can be justified. I’d truly like to know your thoughts/explanation on this.

Also – during the forum you mentioned that over a hundred forums such as these had been held in our country over the summer (I seem to recall you saying 130, or thereabouts). Well, even with 100 constituents in attendance at each forum that barely reaches 1% of Canadians. Somehow that doesn’t seem nearly adequate considering the deeply serious nature of this issue. As noted in my original message – these forums have been incredibly poorly publicized. Reaching out to Canadians ONLY via social media just doesn’t cut it.

My vote is my voice. It is the definitive action I can take as a Canadian to determine the direction of my government, my country. I’m asking again that you take a stand for democracy and stand against a whipped vote in the House of Commons. Please do not allow the democratic rights of those you serve to be whittled away.

With very best regards,

Ps – please note this message will be posted to my website and I would be more than happy to post your reply.

I will continue to take action as best as I can in this matter on behalf of democracy for Canadians! I urge you to do the same, please follow this link for more details: Demanding Democracy! Act NOW!
The House of Commons resumes NEXT WEEK for fall/winter session – Electoral Reform will undoubtably be high on the docket! PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!