For True Democracy – Reform Requires Referendum

imageBelow you will find the e-mail sent to the Executive Assistant of my Member of Parliament, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones. This message was sent on Wednesday, August 17th, 2016. Please note, as of today I have not yet received an answer! I encourage each of you who is equally concerned about maintaining genuine democracy in Canada to reach out to your MP as well. Call or e-mail. But make your feelings regarding our democracy clear – Parliament has no business meddling in the very system by which they are selected!image

I will also be reaching out to Elections Canada regarding this matter. Democracy is precious – we must fight for it to remain in the hands of the people! A referendum is our right.

Finally there will be a consultation meeting held in West Vancouver on Tuesday, August 30th beginning at 6pm at the West Vancouver Public Library; registration with Eventbrite (Democracy Talks: Electoral Reform).

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today! I appreciate you giving me your valuable time.

I have a few concerns regarding the happenings in Canada concerning our electoral system.

First and foremost – I don’t believe such a dramatic change to the system by which Canadians select their representatives should be decided in Parliament. Democracy inherently belongs to the people. Any drastic changes to this system that affect every single voter should be handled via referendum.

That said – I understand one of the reasons Mr. Trudeau has decided not to proceed with a referendum; the questions being asked are too complicated for the average Canadian to understand. Somehow that tells me the alternative systems aren’t valid choices. If democracy is supposed to be truly representative of all the people – should not ALL the people be able to comprehend the system that belongs to them? I’d love to know Ms. Goldsmith-Jones thoughts on that.

Finally, I understand there will be a consultation in our constituency. I am concerned that the methods of informing constituents are only online. In a matter as serious as our very democracy every constituent needs to informed. I can understand that this poses a great challenge – however there are additional means at the government’s disposal that should be included in this process; such as mailers, ads in newspapers, posters at local gathering places. Even using a prerecorded telephone message (ROBO calls) would be appropriate. Every constituent will be affected by the decisions rendered, they deserve to be contacted in a more thorough manner. I sure know that if a referendum were to be held details about this proceeding would not be limited to social media. I’d expect the same reach for these consultations.

I cannot emphasize how fervently I believe this decision does NOT belong to parliamentarians. After all what’s stopping our parliament from changing the system in their favour so those in power has a significantly better chance at remaining in power? See how this is a complete conflict of interest as well? To remain the glorious democratic nation we are this decision MUST remain in the hands of the people!

Again, thank you very much for your time today. It was a pleasure to speak with you.

I look forward to my MPs responses to my concerns. Or better yet her commitment to bring my concerns to Ottawa when the fall/winter session convenes.

Best regards,
Stephanie B.