True Northern Strength

Once and for all my Canadian brothers and sisters – there is nothing wrong with demanding that our interests come first!

Anyone who has ever flown on a commercial flight and paid attention to the safety announcement has heard the refrain, ‘in the case of emergency please put on your own mask before helping others.’ Well my friends, we need to be very concerned about putting on own our national mask!

Since the Liberals and Justin Trudeau took power in November of 2015 we’ve seen billions of dollars go flying into foreign pockets. Gentle reminder; that money isn’t from some magic pie in the sky account. Those are our tax dollars. Money we’ve entrusted to our government to use to manage our needs as Canadians. Every time a Canadian dutifully pays their sales tax, property tax, income tax etc. we are essentially paying for the services managed by our government! Well, my fellow Canadians, as our deficit mounts, and members of the Federal Liberal Caucus fritter away $1,000,000.00 of our money on set-up and renovations for their offices (Google Amarjeet Sohi for further details on that.) Budget 2016 has left our great nation in an abysmal $29.4 billion deficit. Surely that must mean more money in my pocket, right? We’re going into such a huge amount of debt to directly benefit every day Canadians right? Wrong!


It’s our money and every cent counts!

I’m worried!

Breaking down the intricate details of fiscal management for a nation such as ours can hardly be accomplished in a singular post. I won’t even try! Suffice it to say the basic mathematical rules don’t magically change when applied to managing our tax dollars. A dollar spent, or donated to the UN or some other foreign entity, is a minus. We pay for that minus. Whether we pay now or years from now as we dig ourselves out of yet another Liberal deficit. As the tax burden grows for Canadians our ability to thrive and innovate shrinks.

Years ago, I arrived home in Winnipeg from my university studies, at Christmas time to find my dear mother battling the monster of all flus. Let me tell you, things did not run smoothly AT ALL that Christmas. We all did our best to pull together as a family, taking garbled instructions from the semi-conscious matriarch on the couch. In the end we muddled through and managed to mimic the usual festivities. I’d been hopelessly spoiled, having a strong, vivacious and healthy mother at the helm. I’d enjoyed years of glorious Christmases (and other celebrations).

Canada has played mother to the world for a very long time. We are a nation known to help out at every opportunity. However, that ability to be of any use to the world absolutely depends on our strength as a nation. Bottom line, the further we fall into economic disrepair the less useful we become as a helping country.

Looking after our own as a PRIORITY isn’t selfish, it’s insurance. It’s putting on our own mask first; allowing us to stay alert and focussed amidst the chaos. No tax paying Canadian Citizen should ever have to question whether their government will be there for them in a crisis; to extend the metaphor, providing us with working masks.

This alert, or call to arms, comes on the heels of two sobering events.

First and foremost, after welcoming about 25,000 Syrian migrants to our shores at ballooning costs (I see estimates between $678 million to $1 billion) our own tax paying citizens in crisis should surely be able to expect a similar degree of support from our government. Sadly this isn’t the case; 88,000 evacuees from Fort McMurray are left to rely on matching donations from their government. Recent posts show the Canadian Red Cross total donations to be $165 million. My friends that means, per person, our friends in Fort McMurray will receive less than 7 percent the special crisis support of the Syrian migrants. That an atrocious travesty! Our government is willing to spend it’s way to a multiple billion dollar deficit yet throws mere pennies at it’s own citizens. Folks you may have seen various reports from the main stream media attempting to rebut this assertion, claiming that funds from the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements tips this scale. I fervently disagree. The DFAA is clearly structured to reimburse the provinces for their expenses after such a disaster leaving Canadians stranded in what will likely become a bureaucratic tug-of-war.

Secondly, and on a very different note, Justin Trudeau went off to Japan on yet another celebrity junket to convince the other G7 nations that budgets balance themselves! OK, to be fair that wasn’t his exact message. But it may as well be. Surprise – nobody bought it! While our peer nations demonstrate an attempt at disciplinary spending, Justin seems to think tax payers are a bottomless pit. At this rate there will come a day where there won’t even be any red ink left to write cheques to support foreign interests.

My message, dear maple loving patriots; it’s time to demand better! It’s time to demand our government put an end to careless spending. It’s time for Canadians to be strengthened by our government and not treated like bottomless cash cards. We can’t simply be resigned to 3.5 more years of this reckless and irresponsible behaviour.


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