Sophie Trudeau: Let Them Drink Tap Water

Sophie, Sophie, Sophie!


Sophie Gregoire Trudeau – yup, she’s just like you and me! Don’t we all demand a staff for free and refuse to drink the pure Canadian tap water at our luxury retreats?!


Canadians what do you do with a problem like Sophie Trudeau?

Before I set out on my latest epistle of bemoaning the left’s lack of wisdom and sheer common sense I want to make one thing crystal clear. After attending a lunch seminar with Keynote Speaker the Honourable Stockwell Day I had made a firm decision with regards to how I would treat Mr. Trudeau’s family in these posts. Mr. Day, rightly so, reminded us that the spouses and children of politicians should be afforded a significantly greater latitude. They didn’t sign up for public life, certainly NOT in the same capacity as their spouses! I took this to heart…

However, Sophie Trudeau has gone and made herself a concern. She has pulled herself off the shelf and entered the fray; open to dissection by public opinion!
Not only has she entered the fray, her demands have made her the depiction of a modern Marie Antoinette. While Fort McMurray recuperates, as 88 thousand Canadians are struggling just to find food and shelter, Mrs. Trudeau whines about her demanding life. Aside from the very poor timing as it relates to the wildfires, the day to day challenges facing regular Canadians, it seems, would put dear Sophie on a psychiatric hold, out of pure shock!

Justin Trudeau and his wife have presented themselves to the world as celebrities. By posing for Vogue, jetting around the world for glitzy holidays, rubbing shoulders with rock stars and actors this isn’t Canadian politics as usual. Sophie with every magazine cover and sour noted ditty (who can ever forget how she hijacked MLK Day to play Canadian Idol) you have courted public interest in your life. By bringing your parents along with you to Washington DC to meet POTUS and FLOTUS you court engagement! Sophie, no one elected you! Yet it appears you continue to inject yourself into the public consciousness. No one asked you to be part of the discussion. We really don’t need to be exposed to yet another PDA filled swoon-fest between you and Justin. Believe it or not the vast majority of Canadians would really prefer you just stay home; and work on raising three proud Canadians! Use your influence to contribute to the lives of people who have far, far less than you do! Give us something we can be proud of – then we’ll talk about hiring you as a representative for our nation.

MacLean’s asked it’s readers yesterday what we expect from the Prime Minister’s spouse. Well, first let’s get one thing straight. The spouse of the PM has absolutely no real official duties. Their contribution to PMO and the Prime Minister’s work is entirely discretionary. So we expect what we can expect; nothing! Really, when this country was being governed by a statesman and not a celebrity how many of us could even NAME the PMs spouse. Typically the spouses aren’t even part of the story.

Sophie, if you can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you have contributed in a tangible way to the OVERALL improvement of this country then your request for a TEAM may be considered rational; otherwise get your silly head out of all that Caribbean beach sand! If, by turning yourself into a celebrity, you feel inundated by what is presumably silly fan mail and party invitations DEAL WITH IT! That was your choice!

Sophie, let me tell you about one average Canadian woman; my sister! She also has three children (lovely teenaged twin daughters and an adorable 11 year old son), a husband with a demanding job and a household to manage. In addition to her domestic responsibilities she is the Executive Director of a major not for profit organization. Her work is not optional. In order to keep a roof of her children’s heads and food on their plates s,he works; managing the delicate time dance between her children’s school pick-ups, sports activities, music lessons, various medical check-ups and finally her job. Sophie, unlike you, my sister has no nannies to assist her. Unlike you she has no household chef to rely upon to feed her children. Unlike you she has no housekeeper to help her maintain a clean safe environment for her family. Unlike you her responsibilities are not optional! Unlike you she doesn’t get to go on several vacations every year paid for by the citizens of Canada. Her relentless schedule continues in sickness and bad weather! Her story is the same as countless other Canadians moms from sea to sea to sea. What on Earth make you think you are ANY better than she? What do you contribute that makes you think we even care HOW you feel?

Sophie Trudeau elected to have a career in media prior to becoming the wife of a Prime Minister; working in advertising and then for the celebrity magazine show E-Talk. Since then she has continued to court media attention. She has brought this on herself and as such she, and only she, should pay for any assistants she may require to manage her own career(forgive me folks I really wasn’t sure what else to call it)! Just like her husband she is hopelessly out of touch with the reality of day to day life for Canadian families. From where I sit all her domestic duties are taken care of. She has no job. What does she do all day?

As I’ve already noted on Twitter I did have a chance to observe Canada’s own Antoinette Trudeau prior to a flight back in March. I was shocked! As she and the nanny (it appeared she was only travelling with one) chatted away on their phones it appeared caring for her three young children was left to the security detail. As Sophie strutted around the lounge looking like a cheap version of Shania Twain her sad kids sat huddled together looking utterly miserable.

With the glut of help she has at her disposal perhaps what she should really be asking for is the tuition for a time management seminar. Or here’s another thought – perhaps those parents of hers, whom we’ve now flown to Washington to hang at the White House, could pitch in the way mine do with my sister! Maybe Maggie T could tear herself away from her bong to assist her daughter-in law (rumour has it she knows a little something about being married to a PM).

Bottom line – Sophie contributes nothing to our day to day lives. She holds no official position. She isn’t our problem.

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  1. I do take exception to the mention of Marie Antoinette who was a generous and caring person and a good and caring mother. The myth of her being a callous and uncaring bitch queen is just that, a myth. It was invented and promoted by the revolutionary mob to excuse them and justify what they were doing to her.

    She never said, “Let them eat cake”. Quite the contrary, she was deeply concerned about the plight of the masses.


  2. Leave the lady alone, recheck other past PMs wife’s assistants. If this a serious problem then maybe we should only have persons that are single as Prime Ministers.

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  3. I find this a very disrespectful assumption of how difficult it may be to get used to being in the position of the supportive spouse of a very popular Prime Minister. It negates a mother, spouse and females in general as having nothing to do all day as well. Some of you should get in there and try it for a couple of months and see just what “nothing to do all day” entails!!

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    1. We all have challenges! Sophie needs to get a grip! Sure there’s an adjustment to make – but HER CHOICES SHOULDN’T COME AT OUR COST! As noted there are people in our country fighting for basic survival and dignity! Sophie can wait her turn… She has more resources than most people will ever even dream of!


    2. do all these mothers of whom you speak also have 2 nannies, and chef, and a personal assistant?




  5. Brilliant! I agree with every word. This Kardashian of Canada has not been elected to any position and does not deserve any more funding from my tax dollars.


  6. This blog (article?) is so mean spirited. It makes me sad that this author and some commenters treat others this way in Canada without even knowing them. Can’t we be more open minded and generous in nature?

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    1. Teresa – by all means if you have spare funds for Sophie nobody is stopping you from giving it to her! As for most of us we’re just plain tired of supporting the Trudeau’s High Flying lifestyle. There’s mean – then there’s just plain honest!


    1. And Lorne – how do I know that’s your real name!? You’re certainly welcome to interpret my post as criticism. My goal is to stand up and protect the best interests of EVERYDAY Canadians! Somebody needs to speak for them. If that means being critical of someone who is out of touch with reality – then so be it!


  7. My wife chooses to work so we pay 1200 dollars a month for someone to watch our 3 kids after school for 1.5 hours and Need to hire our own nanny for the kids during the summer . Sofie chose to marry an idiot oops.. I mean a prospective PM and did it with an open mind Justin and Sofie should pay for their own childcare like all of us. That is truly the Canadian way!


  8. You have 2 days to remove the image shot by me of Sophie Trudeau for Chatelaine Magazine. You did not get my permission to use the image with or without credit to the photographer. You are violating copyright and authorship laws. If the image is not down in 2 days time, I will do my best to shut down your blog. You are a thief with no regard to authorship laws!


    1. Dear Ms. Chibis:
      Thank you for contacting me. I have removed the untagged image which I sourced, and altered, from Google.
      Kindly acknowledge my swift compliance of your request.


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