Month: April 2016

Justin Trudeau – No Hero Here

In this era of super heroes, Iron Man, Superman, or Silk Spectre – imagine for just one moment that you are one of them. You are a powerful and noble avenger imbued with the skills to defend your people from unspeakable chaos and death. Using your particular gifts you have the singular ability to act as a shield for your people. The threat is real and the danger is pervading the planet.
My friends, Justin Trudeau could be this super hero to the Canadian people. I would love to be able to put partisanship aside and see Trudeau become my Prime Minister by acting in the best interests of all Canadians. My love for this country and the peace and freedom we enjoy will always supersede petty partisanship. I long for our new government to step up and lead in a manner that will allow patriotic pride to flourish.

The reality, however, is that Trudeau would rather sit on the sidelines and be Bruce Wayne or Oliver Queen, a spoiled self important dilettante than embrace his ability to become Batman or The Arrow and ‘save this country’. Using Bill C-24, introduced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Trudeau has the power to ensure that those who are found guilty of terrorism and were not natural born Canadians can be stripped of their citizenship and the privileges that go with it…

This seems pretty cut and dried to me. If an individual came into my home with the goal of causing family harm I’m certainly not going to invite him to sit down to dinner while he continues to wear an active suicide vest; while proudly declaring his hatred and disdain for my family and our way of life. In what reality is this considered sane?


How can this be in the best interest of law abiding Canadian patriots?

This is, however, what Trudeau has done by taking steps to reverse Bill C-24.

This continues to beg the question, why, Mr. Trudeau, do you continue to turn your back on Canadians? You’ve said ‘a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.’ Arguably someone who has proudly videotaped themselves burning their Canadian Passport is electing to rescind its purpose and symbolism. If I burn all my cash, by choice and of sound mind, on what planet am I entitled to have it replaced? If an individual has forcefully rejected Canada on what planet is he entitled to her rights, privileges and protection?

From 9/11 to the attacks at the Boston Marathon, the Bataclan and the most recent chaos at the Brussels airport we have seen terrorism live and in full technicolour. Again and again we’ve witnessed the brutality of these acts. The image of New York’s Twin Towers descending into ash, pulverizing thousands, is permanently tattooed in my mind. Despite the endless hours and almost fanatical dedication of the world’s intelligence community, the plots, and their perpetrators were not identified before the evil was unleashed on citizens like you and me! I’d like to take a moment to thank those people who HAVE put a stop to countless threats against us; we will never know their names or their faces but we owe them our lives and every peaceful beat of our heart.

Our beautiful and peaceful city streets!!

 Mr. Trudeau why would you ever take a single action that could leave one single Canadian vulnerable to a similar act of violence? What will it take for you to see that in Bill C-24 you have one additional tool at your disposal to keep blood off our streets. Are you so naïve as to believe that Canada is exempt? Bill C-24 doesn’t speak in the theoretical. It’s not some abstract construct that theorizes who may or may not be guilty. This isn’t a ‘Minority Report’ situation where we are guessing who might commit a crime before it even happens. The individuals isolated by Bill C-24 have been found guilty already.

Mr. Trudeau, given your affection for pop-culture and all things hip, I will implore you in a language you may find more familiar. Please don your cape and cowl for Canadians. The fact is you have the power to keep us just a little bit safer. If you choose not to, the blood of the fallen is on your hands!