Back: Bolder Better and Braver – Here I am Canada!

Hello again! I wrote an earlier version of this Welcome Back Entry. After my trusty editor accused me of writing a rather mundane piece I took a little time away to think about that statement. You see to me mundane is just about the very worst thing I could be! (That’s tantamount to being called boring or vanilla – I refuse to be anything of the kind.) While these entires certainly won’t always be about the world’s most desperate issues, I’m a person with a lot of opinions and a lot on my mind, even the fun stuff should leave its mark. If my words are mundane I’m not doing my job! I’d go so far as to borrow that famous line from the movie Network,

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” 

My original post was my attempt at starting off our journey together with a positive and cheery tone! Well as it turns out unless I’m filled to the brim with some level of righteous indignation I simply can’t find my soap box. So with that I openly reject any attempt at sunny ways in this space!

It’s been just over four years since the last time I published a BLOG post here. You can, if you like, consider this a ‘come back’ entry.

I’ve just spent the last four years working in a terrifically challenging job; being stretched in ways I would never have been otherwise. I treasure all of those wonderful people who invested their time and energy in mentoring me in the last years; you know who you are!! I’ve had a world of experiences and have learned so very much more about our world, our country and myself! During my time at this position there was far too much potential for a conflict of interest in my continued contribution to the Blogosphere; but that time is over so now I’m BACK!

Over time people change, their goals and passions adapt to their experience. I’m no different. As such the purpose of OhCanadiana has to change along with me. Don’t misunderstand – I still believe that this great nation is the most amazing country on the planet. We as Canadians are full of overwhelmingly boundless potential. I’m aiming to be one of the voices that ensures that this great nation of ours continues to thrive. We have created something far too great to see it swallowed up in some of the insanity that has become commonplace in the world today. We have the power to ensure Canada’s strength and special flair remain at the forefront of the world stage! You should know I have a deep and abiding love for my country – to me Canada has always represented the ideal. Canada is what my ancestors dreamed of for their children when they first approached our shores over a century ago! Unequivocal opportunity. Like all things valuable this needs to be fiercely nurtured and protected to ensure it’s continued ability to thrive! Anything less is unacceptable to me…

I will also be sharing with you all other elements of my journey as a human on this planet. I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last four years; things that others may find useful, dare I even say inspirational! Each of us is on a unique journey overcoming our own odds – I believe we can only find strength in sharing our victories and learning from one another! I’d like to have the courage to be as real with you as possible with the hopes that you can benefit from my experiences ! Occasionally I might just want to comment on some juicy element of pop culture. I guess it’s reasonable to say you can expect just about anything here at OhCanadiana!

On this first week of the New Year I am enthusiastically believing that 2016 will be a breakout year! I can’t wait to see what surprises are around each corner. I will confess that I do find this sensation a little daunting. Like I’ve been granted a huge gift, something entirely priceless really, and I just do not want to waste it. However, I’m resolved to do my very best to be my best…and I promise I will try to never ever be mundane!

I truly do look forward to sharing with you all. Happy New Year and blessed 2016!

Pure Maple Joy – Flying Free and Strong


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