Month: October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from the True North Source!

Believe it or not Thanksgiving dates back all the way to Canada’s original inhabitants when tribal members would gather to enjoy a meal and celebrate the bounty of the land. Of course it goes without saying that the festivities have changed over the past 1000 or so years. But this annual harvest festival is a definitive part of the fabric of Canada. Back in the 1950’s our Federal Government made Thanksgiving a statutory holiday calling it a day to gather with your family to ‘give thanks to the Almighty God’ for all that we’ve been given! Over 50 years later we are still a blessed nation.

I know things do seem grim in the world today. The world’s economies are in perpetual disarray, civil unrest has become the regular state of affairs in many countries across the planet, and an overall sense of universal panic lurks around every corner. However, we as Canadians still have so many blessings to be thankful for this weekend and going forward…

How can I begin to express the joy that I feel in my heart when I compare my luxurious life to that of others around the world?! There are so many things (big and little) I take for granted throughout the average week:

Monday – working for ethical employers, within a relatively stable economic system managed by a democratically elected and accountable Government.

Tuesday – free flowing electricity powering all the tools and toys in my life – the elevator that whisks me up to work, the PVR that saves all my favourite shows, and of course my trusty MacBook Pro just to name a few.

Wednesday – the amazing seawall and parks in my neighbourhood. I just step outside my door to enjoy post-card worthy views and soul-soothing tranquility.

Thursday – options! If there’s something I want no matter how exotic with a little legwork I can find it and bring it home!

Friday – water! It seems so very simple. As Canadians we have more clean water per capita than any other nation in the world so it’s easy for us to overlook the value of this nourishing resource.

Saturday – opportunities! A day to make it happen…

And Sunday – I enjoy the greatest of blessings. The freedom to head to my church and worship God without fear…last but not least in any way. Freedom is priceless!!! I’ve never lived a day without freedom. Born and raised in Canada where self expression is encouraged and individuality is revered, I can barely consider a different reality! I’ve never had to fight for freedom or sacrifice some other treasure in order to let my voice be heard. Typically, until you’ve paid a high price for something you do not cherish it. I aim to treasure this gift as often as I can for the rest of my life and hope I’ll never be forced to pay for it!

I am thankful! Are you particularly thankful for anything?