Month: October 2011

To ‘Occupy’ is not an Occupation!

Just about everyone I know has been impacted by the tremendous economic fluctuations that began back in 2008. Believe me – none of these changes have been positive. Am I happy about any of this? Of course not! Studying the economic landscape makes my blood reach a slow deep simmer every time! As a wee worker bee I’ve spent a lot of time adjusting my expectations…and managing my frustrations!

Still the ‘Occupy’ movement has left me stunned.

Seeing people marching through the streets with placards condemning corporate greed in our society is ludicrous. We as consumers have built these companies with our whims and desires and even our own greed. You see with every purchase and investment we make as consumers we are supporting the very corporations ‘The Occupists’ are condemning. Our power is not in protest – our power is in boycott. If all the efforts and energy being poured into these protests were being applied to a mass boycott of the companies these folks take issue with – trust me, sooner or later they would take notice and change.

Just as a truck or a pencil do not have feelings, neither does a corporation. The real bone of contention here is the One Percent. The millionaire and billionaire CEOs are with whom the protesters actually take issue. I wonder if these incredibly busy people have even had the time to notice the placards, tent cities and the marches? North America was built on the concept of the ‘American Dream’ where anybody, regardless of ancestry, has the opportunity to work hard and achieve a limitless lifestyle. This ideal is the envy of the world!!! I don’t deny that the ideal has been fractured – but it’s still the best scenario available on our planet. Speaking of our planet – on the planetary scale we fortunate folks who live in Canada are the One Percent. We are blessed with so very much. Our resources and opportunities are coveted around the world. I’d like to know how the protesters would feel if folks from the slums of some of the poorest nations in the world would demand they give up their earnings. If these truly downtrodden people would call ‘The Occupists’ greedy how would they react?

What I find really interesting is that nobody has called upon the hollywood elite or international sports professionals to end their greed. And why not? If the CEOs of the world should to be willing to open their wallets why not these abundantly blessed individuals? After all they get paid astronomical sums of money for work that is really play. In most cases the high powered CEOs of the world have taken a series of extremely precarious personal risks to achieve their success. Why should they not be allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labour?

It’s only natural to want to take action and assign blame in this gigantic economic mess in which we find ourselves. It’s part of our survival instinct! But protesting isn’t the answer. Protest movements are a last resort: when a group of people has nowhere else to turn. The American Civil Rights and Women’s Suffrage Movements involved individuals fighting for their very lives – begging the government to recognize them as equals; persons no less. Voiceless people were being killed or imprisoned unjustly!!

‘The Occupists’ in contrast are looking to other people to guarantee them a lifestyle! Sitting in their tent cities whining about their station in life when they ought to be the change they seek. Not to mention their continued protest – peaceful or not – requires a constant police presence! Not only is this a drain on taxpayer resources but it takes police attention away from legitimate concerns.

...dawn of a new day full of opportunities!

Sure I’m frustrated that it’s not as easy to get ahead these days. However, that will just make my successes all the more valuable to me!