Month: September 2011

OT = Off Topic – Be a Super Hero

Alright – this is only my second post and I’m already going ‘off-topic’ – but this is something I really, really want to share!

This message is mostly for humans between the ages of 6 and 18…it’s the same message I shared with my 9 year old twin nieces last week in their back-to-school pep talk! Here are three tips to make your school a fun place to be for everybody:

  1. If the people you’re hanging out with start to say really mean and nasty things about somebody who isn’t there to defend themselves ask them to stop or walk away;
  2. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out either; and
  3. If you see or hear some kid being teased or bullied be their hero and do your best to help that kid out!

It usually takes courage to do the right thing – and at first the rewards aren’t all that great. But being part of the solution is amazing.  Bullying is never, ever cool – it leaves bruises on somebody’s heart that will last their whole life. But by choosing to make the right decisions, by being kind, you really can be a Super Hero! Super Heroes are always the ones helping out whenever they can, they try and make the world better! And you can too…you just have to have the courage to do what’s right!

Now grown-ups this message applies to all of us as well! The young ones in our life surely can’t figure it out unless we do our best to lead by example! We all have the power to make our communities better…

Feeling happy – share it with a smile!