The Beginning…

There’s a running joke between me and one of my closest friends. I am pretty proud of all the different elements that make up my family history! So inevitably when conversations about ancestry come up I jump at the chance to talk about all the different branches of my family tree. When this gets started my dear chum just rolls her eyes and says ’where aren’t you from?’ Yeah – they get it – I’m pretty jazzed about my heritage!

The passion I have concerning my heritage is nothing compared to the mad fierce love I have I for my country – Canada!

This is one great nation that I have the privilege of calling home! A country that genuinely fosters individuality and freedom of expression. A country that inspires anyone with a dream to make it a reality. Not to mention she is a stunner; from sea to shining sea you’re treated to a diverse set of visual landscapes that will thrill and soothe. Her citizens are equally captivating: a mosaic of stories from around the globe.

That said…

Defining the Canadian identity has always been a challenge. And yet we do have a distinct flavour all our own. My hope is to highlight all the attributes that make this country I love so glorious and unique!

Welcome to the True North – I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by… 

...just a sample of many vistas!


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  1. Yahooo.
    great read already. So excited for what you are going to share about Canada. We truly are blessed to live in this amazing Country! Please keep ’em coming, already I feel a fire starting to burn!


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